Ruach Chaim - Your place in the future of Sephardic Heritage

Walk the cobblestone streets of the old city of Jerusalem, strengthen your Sephardic roots, tour Israel from skiing in Hermon to undersea Eilat - all this can be yours at Ruach Chaim!


Above all – Tradition

The Tefilah – the way you enjoy it, the food – the way you love it! Meet the giants of the Sephardi world, like Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef, Rabbi Yaakov Hillel and others. Enjoy day to day life and special occasions with your close friends as only Sephardim know how.

Personal Growth

A solid learning program, tailored to your needs, and an experienced staff dedicated to you ensures that you will return home at the end of your year in Israel full of eternal wisdom that you can apply to modern life, including college credit!

Our professional teaching staff has built a learning program that is exciting, relevant and most of all – was built with you in mind. A wide choice of intriguing subjects and topics, and a staff sensitive to the student's needs ensures that this learning experience will far surpass anything you have ever known.

At Ruach Chaim, learning is not limited to the classroom. Shabbatonim, holidays, weekly "mishmar", and renowned guest lecturers make it possible to find yourself and grow in a way that no classroom could ever offer.


At Ruach Chaim, fun is the fuel that powers the machine. Taking a break? Check out our billiards table, air hockey, or just chill out in one of our three open air courtyards. Are you into sports? You can shoot the hoop, jog around the neighborhood or join our football team.

And then there are the trips. Skiing, scuba diving, hiking and camping, museums and pools, ancient towns and modern installations will all make your year in Israel fascinating and unforgettable. Click here to see a full year event calendar.

Still not convinced?

Check out our video and see what our students have to say!

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